Energion Publications now offers customized printing for books. Customizing does not involve modifying the text or illustrations of the book itself, but can come in two forms:

  1. An added page, such as a letter at the beginning or end of the book
  2. Personalization with contact information for yourself or an organization

This customization can be used for gifts, such as including your Christmas letter in a devotional book. It can also be used for books that might be given at a church.

Note: Don’t order your books from our retail store if you want them customized. Call us at (850) 525-3916 or email us at pubs@energion.com. We will price your order, verify that you’re eligible for free setup, and send you an invoice via email that you can pay by credit card.

There are two options for customized books:

  1. If you need 25 or more books, we have a variety of options for personalization and you can get free setup. Call or email for details, and look at the examples below.
  2. If you would like from one to 24 copies of a personalized book, you can add a single page at the beginning. Copies will cost you $1.00 more each than the standard (or sale) price for the book. Again, call or email for more information. The picture below shows a letter from a church added to the beginning of the book Grief: Finding the Candle of Light. This letter invites people to contact the church for more information.

Note: Quantity discounts do apply to personalized books!

An Outreach Book

As an example, at one church, our Energion title Grief: Coping with Holidays was given out in the period of time prior to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. The church wanted people to have contact information in case they wanted to follow up. A local mental health counselor wanted to use the book in the same way. Here’s the modified page we included for her:

Here are some outreach related books you might want to consider personalizing:

Reflections on Scripture, Dandelions,
and Sparrows (Devotional Edition)

Special price available on customization
working through World Prayr. Contact info@worldprayr.org.

Grief: Coping with Holidays
Christianity: The Basics
Forgiveness: Finding Freedom from Your Past
The Fringe
A Cup of Cold Water
A New Look at Hospitality as a Key to Missions
Walking in God’s Grace
Whispers of Rest in the Storm
Special price available on customization
working through World Prayr. Contact info@worldprayr.org.

These are just suggestions. See our bookstore for more books.

Greetings for the Holidays — In a Book

As either an individual or an organization, you might want to give devotional books as a Christmas gift and include a letter in the book. The following preview shows a few pages of a book with an included sample letter.

Besides the preview book, here are some books you might consider personalizing as Christmas gifts, or gifts for other occasions.

Letting Go
Crewed Awakening
Daily Devotions of Ordinary People – Extraordinary God
The Honeycomb Is Waiting
Poetic Love Essentials
Good Morning LORD!
Going with the Flow
noise flash

These are just suggestions. See our bookstore for more books.


Customization is free with a minimum order of 50 copies. Re-orders cost only the regular price of the book. Quantity pricing applies. (We reserve the right to reject or to add a charge for very complex layouts or for customization that requires graphic work on our part. You will be informed of such a charge before we begin any work.)

For quantities less than 50, the charge is $1 per copy in addition to the price of the book.

Contact us via e-mail (pubs@energion.com) or by phone (850) 525-3916 to discuss your needs. Most of our books are eligible for personalization.